Martin Hall Juvenile Detention Facility

Martin Hall is located on the Eastern State Hospital campus in Medical Lake, Washington, approximately 20 miles southwest of Spokane. Martin Hall was constructed in 1935 and has served many purposes before its current use as a juvenile detention facility.

In Fall of 1995, nine Eastern Washington counties formed the Martin Hall consortium (MHJFB). The goal was to develop an efficient and cost effective regional detention facility to house juvenile offenders in a safe, secure and humane setting.

In April 1996, Martin Hall was leased from the state for 50 years, with an option for 50 more. The building contains 24,000 gross square feet of space including 44 juvenile dention cells, central and private visiting rooms, a booking area, medical clinic, kitchen, laundry, administration and academic education wings, and a 3,000 square foot addition for indoor exercise, intake and support spaces.

In August 1999, CCCS was awarded a contract to operate the Martin Hall Juvenile Detention Facility. CCCS began operations on November 1, 1999, resulting in the addition of 32 employees and increasing annual revenues by $1.6 million. In January 2000, CCCS began contracting with several Montana counties for services at the facility.

Program Goal

The goal of the MHJDF is to provide safe and secure confinement intended to hold juvenile offenders accountable for their unlawful actions. Juveniles held at the facility include those accused of an offense pending an appearance in court, juveniles adjudicated as guilty of an offense and sentenced to confinement, and other juveniles that can be legally detained by the counties.

The vision of Martin Hall Juvenile Detention Facility is to take a leadership role within the juvenile corrections field by promoting accountability for all employees and juveniles. We will do this by developing competency through progressive employee training and innovative programming that instills the social values of respect and an appreciation for individual rights.

Program Mission

The mission of Martin Hall is to be a professional juvenile detention facility that provides quality community service, valuable life skills, competency based treatment, and basic education to youth in our custody. It also will provide secure detention of juvenile offenders in a safe and supportive environment following the laws of Washington State and meet the detainees\' health, safety and welfare needs in a maximum security facility.

Program Objectives

Correctional programming and treatment staff have established the following objectives to enable MHJDF to best achieve program goals:

Emphasis is on evaluation assessment, diagnosis and crises handling of behavioral/mental problems. While the facility does not engage in treatment, it offers a variety of programs and activities.

Program Description

Martin Hall provides for the publics\' protection with its high security perimeter to guard against escape, and appropriate space between the facility and the public area. The facilities\' internal environment promotes feelings of safety for staff and juvenile offenders by moderating the elements of hostile activity and is conducive to programming in the organization of programming elements offered. The operational requirements are reinforced by line-of-sight staff supervision housing designs.

A range of programming is available and responsive to the needs of the Consortium Counties, juvenile offenders, and the community. The facilities\' programming promotes literacy, positive attitudes aand values, and full work/activity assignments for both short and long term juvenile offenders

Program Services

The services provided at the MHJDF include the following:

About educational services:

The Martin Hall juvenile Detention Facility offers educational services provided by North East Washington Educational Service District 101 (NEWESD). The NEWESD educational program seeks to increase basic skills through an individualized approach. Keeping the youths both connected and current with their school is a major focus. Students are also challenged to evaluate life choices. Case managers assess each youth and provide necessary services including AIDS/STD awareness, drug and alcohol counseling, sex offender counseling, anger management, and job skills. To learn more about NEWESD, visit the NEWESD website.

Administration & Program Staff

A dedicated team of staff distinguished by both education and experience provide services at MHJDF. CCCS carefully selected a diverse, professional staff to ensure that clients receive the most effective milieu of correctional programming.

Program Referrals
NAME: Commissioner Scott Hutsell
TITLE: Chairman of the Consortium Board
ADDRESS: Lincoln County Commissioner\'s Office
  Davenport, WA 99122-0028
PHONE: 509-725-3031
FAX: 509-725-2100

Contact Information

NAME: Mark boyer
TITLE: Program Administrator
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 670
  Medical Lake, WA 99022
PHONE: 509-565-8118

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