Transitional Living Program

Initiated in August 1993 as the Alternative Reporting component (ARC), ARC is now called the Transitional Living Program (TLP). It satisfies punishment, public safety, and treatment objectives. This program is an extension of the confines of the Butte Pre-Release Center and the Women's Transitional Center. It allows offenders the opportunity to successfully reintegrate back into the community prior to an actual parole release. This program is highly structured and presents a great challenge to its participants.

The TLC program has the potential of reducing community correctional facility populations. It offers an alternative to incarceration and presents a cost-efffective solution. TLC allows correctional staff an opportunity to monitor participants' adjustment and correctly gauge whether the offender is ready for parole. Participants are required to submit weekly schedules which are pre-approved by the TLP case manager. Participant routines include multiple daily check-ins, employment, training, community support group meetings, counseling, community services, weekly criminal thinking error group and frequent drug testing.

The program establishes cooperative partnerships with probation and parole, law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies through quality training, which focuses on sound public safety practices. It was recently expanded to a 20-slot capacity.


Program Mission

To provide a continuum of care for those offenders exiting from a pre-release program and re-entering mainstream society and to promote public safety and offender rehabilitation.

Program Objectives

CCCS staff have established the following objectives to enable TLP to best achieve program goals:

Administration & Program Staff

A dedicated team of staff distinguished by both education and experience provide services at TLP. CCCS carefully selected a diverse, professional staff to ensure clients receive the most effective environment for correctional programming and community transitional services.

Contact Information

Name: Jake Miller
Title: TLP Case Manager
Address: 35 1/2 West Granite
  Butte, MT 59701
Phone: 406-723-4238

PREA Information

None at this time.


None at this time.