News Articles

Below are links to news articles relevant to CCCS.

  1. CCCS Does Good Things
  2. Facilitating Recovery
  3. Treatment Center Ceremony Planned
  4. Uptown Inmates: Bad Rap?
  5. DUI Court Gets $82K to Fund Another Year
  6. Curbing DUI's: Corrections Plays Role
  7. Drug Program Operator Plans Improvements; CCCS Offers Diverse Services, Classes
  8. CCCS to Run Drug Services
  9. At DUI Treatment Center Minister Rediscovers Christmas Truths
  1. Person of Distinction — Mike Thatcher: Committed to Community
  2. Loan Ok'd for Butte Drug Rehab Center
  3. Zoning Board Grants Drug Rehab Permit
  4. New Facility Would Keep Butte form Losing Drug Treatment Center
  5. Campus Corps Leader Jacob Kilgore Teaches Class on Community Service at DUI Treatment Facility
  6. State Suspends Plan for New Prison
  7. Bids Sought for New Prison Facility
  1. Shelby Prison Offers to Expand with Department of Corrections seeking 120 New Beds
  2. 2010 Awards & Dedication Ceremony Celebrating a Spirit of Dedication
  3. MAC Helped Bring Back East Butte
  4. CCCS Locks Up Pig Bowl
  5. Bismarck Transition Center Inmates Help with Sandbagging
  6. Bismarck Man Faces Felony Charges for Leaving the Bismarck Transition Center
  7. Along the Divide: New JP Learning the Ropes
  8. Men Arrested in Bismarck for Walking Away from Transition Centers
  1. Everyone Chips in During the Holidays
  2. High on Spice
  3. Wrong-Way Driver Sentenced on DUI
  4. New START Facility Opens
  5. Study Shows Meth Program Success
  6. DUI Cure: It's About Treating the Addiction
  7. New Prison Facility in Anaconda... A Fresh START
  8. Juvenile Detention Center Offers Education to Kids
  9. Official: Inmates Paid to Gather Signatures
  10. CCCS Barbecues Pigs
  12. Solving the DUI Riddle
  13. Youth Offenders' Facility is Accredited
  1. Christmas Festival Memories
  2. WATCh East Service Contract Open
  3. CCCS Rehab Program Breaks Ground Near Anaconda
  4. New Site Needed for Proposed Northwest Montana Prerelease Center
  1. CCCS Wins Contract
  2. CCCS Gets Contract for Kalispell Prerelease Center
  3. Corrections Site Near Deal
  4. Hardin Jail Misses Out on Contract
  5. Our Readers Speak: A Public Apology to Butte Residents
  6. Anaconda Facility Proposed
  7. TIFID, Special Use Permit Given OK
  8. CCCS Looks to Build Facility
  9. Corrections Facility Proposed
  10. WATCh East Improves Lives as Well as the Economy
  11. WATCh East Proposal Supported
  12. Open House and Tour Offered a Glimpse at Facility
  13. WATCh Support Encouraged
  14. Community Shows Support for WATCh East
  15. Support WATCh
  16. WATCh East Program Looks to Expand Capacity
  17. State's Community Correction Program is Working
  1. Transition Residents Create Necklaces
  2. CCCS a Constant Stroll Participant
  3. CCCS Plans New Treatment Center in Old Motel
  4. WATCh East boasts 99 Percent Success Rate
  5. Carol Kovacich, Advocate for Youth, Poor
  6. Governor Praises new Meth Center as an Answer to a Corrections Program
  7. Meth Treatment Center in Lewistown Ready to Open
  8. Facility is for Just Those in Corrections System
  9. Lewistown Treatment Center to Open
  10. Nation Will be Watching Success of Meth Treatment Center
  11. Georgia Man Earns Top Job at Meth Center
  12. Meth Treatment Centers Welcome and Needed
  13. Thanks for a Job Well Done
  14. Parole board Responds to Recent Letter
  15. CCCS Gets OK on Youth Home
  16. Youth Home Finds Backer
  17. A Success Story
  18. CCCS Programs Continue to Expand
  19. Juveniles de-Christmas Downtown
  1. Halfway house Residents Give Back at Christmas
  2. Recovering Addict Promotes Sobriety Through His Music
  3. Transition Center Adds Beds
  4. Corrections Plays Large role in Butte Economy
  5. Helping Hands
  6. A "Meth Prison" Movement
  7. It's Official! $9.2 million Meth Treatment Center Coming to Lewistown
  8. Lewistown Wins Evaluation!
  9. Meth Prisons Likely to be Built in boulder, Lewistown
  10. CCCS Should be Recognized for Job Creation in Butte
  11. Ruling: Meth Center Does Not Need Review
  12. CCCS to House Federal Inmates
  13. WATCh East has been a good addition
  14. Initial concerns unfounded
  15. First year of WATCh East a success
  16. State seeks opinion on proposed meth facility
  17. Just what is START program
  18. New facility looks to change face of meth treatment
  19. Governor praises Bozeman halfway house
  1. New lockdown caters to state parole violators
  2. Corrections faces big budget deficit
  3. Montana may ship prisoners elsewhere
  4. butte firm optimistic about meth treatment center
  5. WATCh family member is thankful for program
  6. Warm Springs facility to hold some inmates
  7. Prison wing may reopen
  8. Argument looms over batterers treatment cost
  9. Domestic abuse a personal, not social manifestation
  10. Treating batterers hot topic
  11. State seeks bids on new prison
  12. Felony DUI treatment center open house May 13
  13. Counseling service extended through June
  1. CCCS Center Revives Glendive
  2. Men in Butte prerelease receiving medical care