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Jay Grant, Program Administrator
Jay has been with the Community, Counseling, and Correctional Services, Inc. (CCCS) since June 1992.  He has served as the Program Coordinator for the Butte Pre-Release Center and the Women's Transitional Center since October 1999.  Prior to this position, Jay had been a Case Manager for seven years.  Jay has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology/Anthropology with an emphasis on Social Welfare from Eastern Oregon University at La Grande, Oregon.  Jay is also a trained Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®) facilitator and has received additional training to provide domestic violence programming.

Mike 'Rocko' Mulcahy, Chief of Security
Rocko started with CCCS in April 1994.  He has been Chief of Security since 2004, serving both the men's and women's centers.  Before this Rocko worked as a Resident Assistant and Case Manager in the men's program. Rocko served in the military, and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Society and Technology from Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, Montana.  Rocko served as a Butte Silver Bow County Commissioner from 2000 to 2008.

Lindsey O'Connor, Administrative Support Technician
Lindsey joined CCCS in March 2009 as a Security Tech at the Butte Pre-Release Center, was then promoted to the Intake Specialist position at the Connections Corrections Program located in Warm Springs.  On November 14, 2011 she took the Bookkeeper position for the BPRC/WTC programs and was then promoted to Administrative Support Technician on April 4, 2013. Lindsey earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Information Technology from the University of Montana - Montana Tech in Butte, Montana.

John Pellegrini, Administrative Hearings Officer
John has been with CCCS since January 1994.  He coordinates the resident disciplinary process for the men's and women's centers, as well as the Connections, RYO and WATCh Programs. John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a Social Justice option from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.  John was raised in Anaconda, Montana where he still resides.

James Joyce, Treatment Coordinator/Correctional Programming Specialist
Jim joined CCCS in 1985 with a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.  He has extensive work experience and had worked as a Resident Assistant and as a Case Manager prior to becoming the Correctional Programming Specialist in 1998.  Prior to his hiring at CCCS, Jim was a school teacher.  Jim is a certified MRT® facilitator and is trained in Cognitive Principles and Restructuring, Reality Therapy, and Criminal Thinking Errors.  As Correctional Programming Specialist, Jim coordinates the delivery of individual and group correctional programming.

Scott Harding, Resident Employment Specialist
Scott began working at CCCS in February 1995.  Prior to that, he worked for the Butte Silver Bow County.  He serves both the men's and women's centers, providing services that assist residents in developing Life Skills, which is comprised of three components: Employment, Vital Records, and Education.  Since assuming his position, Scott has boosted the employment rate averages to 98 percent for the women's center and 93 percent for the men's center; during the summer months (April through September), the employment averages run nearly 100 percent in both programs.  The area served has expanded under Scott's tenure; it now includes: Butte, Whitehall, Three Forks, Manhattan, Bozeman, Anaconda, Philipsburg, and Deer Lodge.  He studied Social Sciences for five years at the University of Montana at Western in Dillon, Montana, formerly Western Montana College.  Scott is a certified trainer in cognitive principles restructuring, and is also a certified batterers trainer. 

Meg Murphy, Vocational Coordinator & Technology Instructor
Meg began working with CCCS on September 6, 2005.  Meg was previously employed from 2001-2005 as an adjunct instructor at Montana Tech of the University of Montana teaching microcomputer classes including MS Office software.  From 1994-1998, Meg was a Case Manager for the Women's Transition Center.  From 1989-1995, she was a high school teacher at Butte Central Catholic High School.  Meg earned a Masters Degree in Technology and Education from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA.  She also holds a Montana teachers' endorsement.  In her position, she develops and implements computer-based programming for the resident populations of both the men's and women's centers; develops and implements technology instruction for the same resident populations; provides staff instructions in different software packages; and continues to expand and monitor many of the same services and educational programs to the resident population.  Between Montana Tech and Butte Central High School, Meg has coached women's basket ball for 25 years.  For the 2010 - 2011 season, she lead her Butte Central Lady Maroon basket ball team to win the State Class A Championship title, their first state title since 1982 when Meg played on the high school team. With the win coach Murphy now has a title for the Maroons as a player and as a coach. Meg has thrice earned the esteemed "Coach of the Year" award for the 2010 - 2011, 2011 - 2012, and 2012 - 2013 seasons.

Joe Boyle, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Joe Boyle works with out-patient clients and assists with assessments and intakes at BPRC/WTC.  Joe has been employed with CCCS since 1983 and has an unparalleled understanding of chemical dependency treatment as well as the Montana correctional system.

Linda Sommer, Case Manager
Linda has been employed with CCCS since March 1998.  She previously worked as an Administrative Assistant for the Woods Psychiatric Institute in Killeen, TX.  Linda earned a Bachelors degree in Society & Technology with an option in Human Values from Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, MT.  She is a CPR/First Aid Instructor and a Facilitator with the Batter's Intervention Program.  She has traveled extensively and lived in Belgium for nearly 5 years. 

Ashley Tierney, Case Manager
Ashley joined CCCS on January 28, 2008.  Prior to coming on board at the pre-release center, she worked at the RYO Correctional Facility in Galen, Montana and did an internship at TSCTC (Boot Camp), where she facilitated Anger Management.  Ashley earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a Criminology emphasis from the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. 

William Peterson, Case Manager
Bill joined CCCS in 1988.  He previously worked for four years in the insurance business and eight years in the sign business as a sheet metal worker and boon truck operator.  Bill has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. In addition to extensive work experience and training, Bill is also a trained MRT® facilitator and has received training to provide domestic violence programming.

Mike Bauer, Case Manager
Mike started at CCCS in September 2006.  He was previously employed as an adjunct professor at Montana Tech, where he taught modern basketball theory, sports officiating, and soccer.  He also served as the head men's basketball coach at Montana Tech for four seasons, and was a substitute teacher for School District #1.  Mike achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in Education at Western Montana College in Dillon, MT, and a Master of Education degree from Lesley University Cambridge, MA. Mike was raised in Whitefish, MT. In 2011, Mike started a ‘lil dribbler basketball league for 2- to 4-year olds in order to promote social activity and to get young kids involved in the game of basketball.

Mike Schmidt, Case Manager
Mike began his employment with BPRC/WTC on May 11, 2009. He previously coached football at the University of Montana - Western in Dillon, Montana. Mike earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration at the University of Montana - Western. He enjoys camping, fishing, and spending summers on Montana's lakes.

Mark Dennehy, Case Manager
Mark came on board in November 2005.  He previously worked as a salesman for Summit Beverages.  He earned a Bachelors in Sociology from Utah State in Logan, Utah.

Joe McCarthy, Case Manager
Joe began his employment at the WATCh Program in June 2002 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from a diverse background.  Joe has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration  from the University of Montana and worked for numerous years within the insurance field.  Joe then went on to obtain his Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and was employed as a teacher for two years prior to joining WATCh.

Marcy Holverson, Transitional Living Program Case Manager
Marcy began her employment in August 1994 as a Resident Assistant at the Women's Transitional Center in Butte, Montana.  She was promoted to her current position as TLP Case Manager in April 2011.  TLP (formerly known as ARC) is a transitional living daily reporting program for adult male and female offenders, inclusive of MDOC and FBOP.  It is also used by district and municipal courts as a diversion alternative.  With a 20-slot capacity, it provides a continuum of care for those offenders exiting from a pre-release program and re-entering mainstream. 

Frances Honsharuk, Mental Health Professional
Frances came on board on March 18, 2008.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who was previously in private practice.  She holds a bachelor's in English and a Master's of Social Work, both from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  Frances was born and raised in Virginia, but has lived in Butte since 1991.  Frances enjoys her two horses and two cats.

Sharlie Hettick, Registered Nurse
Sharlie began working at START in July 2008.  She was previously employed as an RN at Mercury Street Medical.  Sharlie earned her Bachelor degree in Registered Nursing at Montana Tech of the University of Montana - Butte, Montana.  She loves to spend time with her wonderful husband, two sons, and daughter.

Ken Kuchler, Shift Supervisor
Ken joined CCCS in November 2007 as a Counselor Technician at the START facility in Warm Springs, Montana. After 21 years of service, he retired from the U.S. Navy where he served as an Aviation Electrician and Navy Recruiter, and was a former member of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (The Blue Angles). Ken is currently pursuing a degree in Network Technology from the Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, Montana. He has received special training in Cognitive Principles and Restructuring. Ken developed the Life Skills program currently used at the START facility.  Butte born and raised, he is an avid hunter and fisherman.

Babara Allen, Shift Supervisor
406.782.6464 Ext. 116
Barbara came on board in December 2004. She was previously employed as a doctor recruiter.  Barbara is currently finishing a Bachelor's  ~ College of Letters at the Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, Montana.  She is also completing her Licensed Addiction Associates Degree from the University of Reno in Reno, Nevada,  She has received special training in Cognitive Principles and Restructuring and First Aid. Born and raised in Butte, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children in her spare time.

Megan Graham, Shift Leader
Megan started working with CCCS in June 1992.  She is the Shift Leader for both the men's and women's programs.  She was previously employed for 6 years in the Youth Program for the Human Resources Council, District 12 in Butte.  She has MRT group facilitator training.  A native of Butte, she is involved in Special Olympics and does fund raising events for the American Cancer Society (i.e. volleyball and bowling tournaments).

Mike McGurk, Shift Leader
Mike joined CCCS on August 1, 2005.  He is a business owner of 12 years in the sale of Xerox and other office equipment and supplies. He has attended management training through Xerox and numerous sales training schools. Butte born and raised, Mike is involved in the YMCA Bowl for Kids and Relay for Life fundraisers. He has coached seven through eighth grade basketball for the past 15 years.  Additionally, Mike referees seven through eighth grade football. He is also interested in golf.

Lori Verrall, Corporate Food Service Coordinator
Lori came to CCCS in November 1997 with a 17-year career in Food Service at the Crest Nursing Home. In her position she is responsible for the operation of the Butte-based cafeteria, which provides meals for the men's and women's pre-release centers, the Connections Corrections Program, and the START Program. Her duties also include assisting with the set-up and operation of the cafeterias located at CCCS' other facilities. Additionally, Lori and her staff have donated food for the Relay for Life, an annual fundraiser by the American Cancer Society, lunches for the Special Olympics and for the Butte Wrestling Club, and refreshments for the annual Christmas Stroll.  Lori is a Dietary Manager through the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota. She also receives annual certification from ServSafe of the National Restaurant Association.

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